What to expect and what you need to do to get the MOST out of our 5 days together:


    Click the button to register for the challenge. Also, make sure to add me to your contacts to ensure you get these daily emails (jen@jenvazquez.com).


    The secret to getting the work done in this challenge is to do the work. One way to help is the workbook provides a space to write down information and do your daily challenge. It changes just learning into actually getting work done! I'll be giving away a gift to one random person that fills out their workbook during the challenge.


    The difference between a successful marketing and unsuccessful marketing is TAKING ACTION! Watch the videos that come directly to your inbox (they will also be on the course page). Then take the action step at the end of the video.

Join Us?

This Challenge is created to help business owners start using Pinterest in their marketing. The challenge will help you to not just LEARN but actually DO!


  • See your google analytics numbers grow?

  • Expand your visibility + brand awareness?

  • Learn to optimize your content from all over and repurpose it for Pinterest?

  • Learn how to use Pinterest into a marketing funnel?

  • Utilize Pinterest to capture your ideal clients with the goal of turning them into clients?

Video lessons, workbook, + daily actions

Grow your presence on Pinterest and start using it as a marketing funnel

This challenge will help you to optimize your Pinterest and utilize it as a marketing funnel to attract your ideal clients. Plus I'm including a live Q&A session to ask about YOUR business! Oh, and it’s FREE.

Don’t take my word for it, this is what people are saying:

Amazing Growth

Amber G. - Brain + Gut Health Explorer

"Before working with Jen, I had a solid base for using Pinterest. I was receiving 20K views and quite happy with the results; however, I knew something was missing! After working with Jen and implementing the steps she taught me, my stats have drastically increased and the views are now around 500K. The brilliant part is, I spend LESS time on Pinterest and more time doing what I love which is coaching other women-entrepreneurs! Thank you, JEN!!!!"

I've gone from 7K views to 64K over the past 6 weeks!

Kristina R. - Branding Photographer

This challenge has been great! I've gone from 7k views to 64K views over the past 6 weeks. I'm a little addicted to Pinterest now. It's spurred me to create more blog posts so that I have more of my own content to pin.

I am up 835.53% on my Pinterest profile!

Christina G - Wedding Planner

30 days after your Pinterest Challenge, my Pinterest insights for average monthly users was up 835.53% and my average engaged users is up 852%. Wow! This makes me feel so good!

My average monthly viewers is up by 183%!

Heidi L. - Instagram Strategies

Over the last 30 days since the Pinterest Challenge, my average monthly viewers are 59,139, which is up 183%, and my average monthly engaged audience is 3,112, up 60%!

5 Days to using Pinterest in your Marketing:

  • WHY to use Pinterest as a marketing tool and how to create or optimize your Pinterest profile to get clients. Using Pinterest as a business marketing tool will help your business growth!ck

  • WHAT kind of content works well on Pinterest and how to use Pinterest to get eyeballs on that content

  • HOW to reuse and repurpose content so you don’t spend hours but get as much use as possible out of your content that you spent time & energy creating.

  • CAPTURE & CONVERT that traffic into paying customers. Because getting traffic is nice but booking clients is better!