3 Day Challenge

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    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to this Pinterest course to Optimize your Pinterest by Jen Vazquez (This is 2-3 hours to go through)!

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    • Pinterest Challenge Day 1 - part one

    • Pinterest Challenge Day 1 - Part Two

    • Pinterest Challenge DAY 2

    • Pinterest Challenge DAY 3

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What you will learn:

Pinterest is FREE marketing! I'll show you simple step by step instructions on how to super-charge your Pinterest page so more clients will find you! the three day challenge with this knowledge. And, if you do the work, then your Pinterest page will drive traffic and

  • Understand why you should use Pinterest and why it's not a social media site

  • What you should have (and not have) in your Pinterest Profile

  • How to effectively set up and use pins and boards

  • How to use keyword in images, title, and descriptions

  • The one tool I use that saves me hours a week to update pinterest